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The Last Hope: Zombie Defense TD Review

The game has a cute hand drawn art style that attracts a specific audience. There are two game modes to choose from; Campaign Mode and Endless Mode, where you can battle it out with other players for a place in the leaderboards. You have four main towers: Fighters, Hunters, Pyrotechnician and Mages (this one felt kind of out of place for a zombie apocalypse game). You can upgrade those towers once you saved enough money by completing levels in the campaign. In addition, you can also upgrade your tools to increase your overall health, reduce tower costs, reduce skill cooldowns, etc. I personally think the game got way too hard, too fast. You can’t just play this game mindlessly and expect to get 3 stars in each level; you need a solid strategy if you were to get far in the campaign or the endless mode. Since some levels require that you have decent upgrades with your towers and tools, this forces your hand to replay the first few levels. In which case I’m not a fan of and feels way too grindy for a TD game.

I’m hoping that the dev would tinker the reward system or the difficulty of the game. I also would like to recommend to the developers to do something about the waves, since it honestly felt long in comparison to the other TD games. And last recommendation, the early stage of some towers really felt underpowered and barely stop a single zombie from passing.

Overall, for its price the game isn’t totally bad. Though it doesn’t bring anything new in the tower defense genre, you should at least give this one a try. Especially if you have a thing for TD games.

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