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Destruction Dummies Review: More Tech Demo than an Actual Game

Destruction Dummies is less a game and more of a glorified tech demo. And that’s…fine, I guess? It doesn’t bill itself as a deep experience. It tells you outright that it offers ragdoll violence and mutilation with no goals. Sure, it says you’re doing “experiments”, but that’s a thin excuse to dump you into the sandbox with no further end goal, beyond mutilating virtual people. But then again, the game doesn’t pretend it’s anything other than violence and mutilation for violence and mutilation’s sake.


It works well enough, in terms of doing what it wants to do. The physics are all in working order. You can spawn NPC’s and implements of death and destruction with a click or two. But Destruction Dummies really pushes the limits of what can actually be called a game. It’s barely a game, more of a toy – something you mess with for a few minutes and then put aside, because once you’ve seen its functions, there’s nothing more to really do. It’s like giving a child a single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure. Sure, the kid might have SOME fun, but without Shredder to put Leonardo against, or without Donatello to be his friend, exactly what sort of fun can he have? This seems like something created to try and get the attention of streamers who like to have “random” streams, where chaos is the point. I guess that’s the target audience, because I can’t for the life of me figure out exactly WHO this is targeted at.


This is almost literally “Torture Porn: The Game”. I can’t give this game a thumbs down though; it doesn’t try to deceive you. It does exactly what it says it does. I suppose that some minimal value could be extracted as a sort of “virtual stress ball” sort of thing, but that just puts it right back into the toy category, not so much a game. And since it’s not a game, don’t pay full price. Yes, it works. No, there’s no false advertising. But what it offers isn’t worth full price.

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