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Cute Bully Nyanbaba Review

Cute Bully Nyanbaba is a short and accessible Hidden Object Game in which the player is required to find objects that are hidden in plain sight that do not match the “theme” of the level.

True Story

The villainous Nyanbaba is back to seek vengeance on mankind after burning her tongue drinking milk tea right after she landed. So you have to stop Nyanbaba who seems to be part cat, part girl and one with a cute-ish (subjective) voice in other words an alien from wreaking havoc on mankind. By blending in the scene/level and when the player fails to do so, Nyanbaba will scare the hell out of the player with a “jumpscare” (more like “cute” scare).

You Scared Me There

As with the previous Nyanbaba title (Ghost Party Nyanbaba), the way the game works is identical and does not add anything more to the formula. There are 10 levels to which you must find objects that are out of place before the time runs out. Clicking on an incorrect item will quicken the time slightly, before you’re given a “jumpscare”.

Replay Value?

To beat a level you have to find 10 objects, however to perfect the level, you must play multiple times where the object you must find is a rotated pool of 20 objects in order to make it slightly fresh at least once and beat the level. From then only will it count as 100% a level. 

Turning Up That Dial

To add a slight difficulty to an easy game, there’s a Second Round mode for every level where you must find all 20 objects within a time frame, and you have to go about it in the dark, and the only illumination is from your mouse cursor.

Everything Fits

Compared to the first Nyambaba title, Ghost Party Nyanbaba plays more easily as the art is more clear and cartoony, making the out of place item more obvious. With the change in artstyle, everything is more consistent and cohesive. The artstyle is good and is what you would expect from a “cutesy” game.

Don’t Worry About It

A minor qualm in Ghost Party Nyanbaba is that most of the game (in the menu) is not translated but that is the only section where you would see “text” other than that the game doesn’t need to tell you much as it is direct and simple to play. Another thing to note is don’t expect much game time as it is a short game fit for one sitting and easily completable around 30 to 60 minutes for 100% achievement.

Final Thoughts

Once again Ghost Party Nyanbaba does what it sets out to be, a brief and cute Hidden Object Game for the player to just sit back and unwind with, and one that will be over the moment your cup of hot drink is done or ready to be drunk. 

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