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MicroWorks Review: Chaotic Fun For Friends!

MicroWorks is in simple words: WarioWare with robots and fast-paced randomness that keeps each round fresh.


The game is essentially meant to be played as a party game, so be sure to play with friends. Otherwise, you’ll be playing alone which is not great honestly as the rather huge arena makes you feel the emptiness.

The game is a mix of Simon Says and WarioWare which means that the rounds will be very frantic. I am not joking when I say that the rounds are extremely fast. First thing you’re doing is shaking a can then suddenly you’re supposed to jump into a box but wait you need to do quick maths, oh whoops Simon said not to add up to 18. The minigames can be a mix of platformingmemoryawareness, and reaction-time.

This small pool of unique minigames that is reinforced further by random modifiers. Not every round is the same since these modifiers that add some spice and rng to the mix. You could be playing a round in which your controls are reversed or the objective is written in reverse. It definitely makes the games interesting and feel much fresh to play without getting burnt out.

Graphics & Music

The graphics and animation are remarkably smooth. The robot ironically feels like they have life in them. There is so much flashy and glamorous details in the outer space atmosphere.

The music really smacks hard. Like the game’s randomness, the sounds flow from arcade music to heavy guitar to even jazz. It just sounds so good together.


First of all, I saw that there is practically no servers that you can join. You are forced to play alone or play with friends. This does not satisfy my need to push someone off for no good reason.

Second, the modifiers are on by default and they can royally mess with games. I do appreciate the randomness from time to time but I would also like to try to play the game. I don’t like having moments such as an upside view when I’m in a platforming mini game. It doesn’t help that you’re put under a short time limit though this is just my personal grievance.

This is a great game to play with friends if you want insanely random and fast games. This way you can truly enjoy MicroWorks, otherwise I would be wary about putting money if you don’t have friends to play with or you hate games that are dictated by rng.

You can purchase MicroWorks through the Steam store page HERE!

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  1. Nice review! I love those fun party games, will give it a try, thanks!

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