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Sky in your eyes Review

In Sky in your eyes you play Slava, a Federal Security Service officer living in Siberia who has always done his duty in accordance with what he feels would benefitted the Motherland. 

To Risk or Not to Risk?

Growing up as an orphan, he knew the hardships in life and always did what was expected. However his conscience begins to be questioned when an orphaned girl named Lena from neighbouring Brightarus comes into his office. Should he stick to the rules and deal with her accordingly or is it time to finally act with a touch of humanity but at the risk of lives of those he cares for?

Familiar Ways

Coming from the same solo developer of Summer With You, Sky in your eyes brings about similar strengths and weaknesses that may be familiar to players familiar with the quality and style of the developer. 

Asya Goes Jiggle Jiggle

The artstyle follows similar quality of the previous titles, with characters nicely drawn with some chibi versions of the characters here and there. Animation-wise it may seem limited but you can see there’s a slight increase compared to previous titles. Due to the slightly added animation, when the characters are static, it seems more obvious and awkward at times because of the contrast.

All That Build Up

Story-wise Sky in your eyes started off well in building the backstory of the characters within the game. You’re invested in their history and what they are about, even for characters that aren’t shown but are present in the dialogue. Which is why the last quarter of the game didn’t do justice to the build up. Everything near the ending felt way too rushed and sudden that it might leave you feeling underwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Some minor QC in terms of mistranslation and grammatical errors, the story will only be better at delivering. Together with some decent amid quirky voice acting once in a while, it helps bring to life the characters ever so slightly. Even with the last quarter being too short and abrupt, the progress the developer has made from past titles are apparent and have made Sky in your eyes a better experience as a journey and how you handle it matters more than the consequence in the end.

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