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Case 02: Paranormal Evil Review

Case:02: Paranormal Evil is a casual story driven game about a guy that wakes up in a hospital amidst a zombie outbreak spurred on by cultists in the area. The game features very well done pixel art as well as some anime art of the characters in the dialog cards. Just well executed for the game and gives a charming essence to the experience. The game has you do skill checks of Willpower, Firepower, and Dexterity and items that you can equip will increase the number of dice you can use against these checks against any paranormal evil beings you may come across. 

The game is very smooth and well done. I was engaged my entire time playing and I enjoyed how casual the game was and could be played with only the mouse. The upgrades really kept it exciting and balanced the game well. As you dig deeper into the game it does kind of start to get overwhelming with how many enemies there are to kill

The RNG of the dice isn’t terribly punishing and sometimes it feels like it’s in your favor, but not always as you will soon find out. The game is mildly addictive to play, I am not sure if it’s the sound of the dice or chasing the next weapon or amulet and further uncovering more of the story but it has me hooked. The aspect ratio looks like it was made to fit your Gameboy Advance, although a nonissue for me. The game can be repetitive but I still felt driven to clear the rooms and move on to the next one. 


I found myself wanting more and more from Case 02: Paranormal Evil. The well done pixel art and retro design overall was attractive and nice on the eyes. The upgrades of items makes you feel more powerful yet not invincible to getting a bad roll. It’s all luck-based  but appeals to my need to chuck dice, yet I was also driven to discover more and find Sally. Great combination of mechanics and I definitely recommend it.

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