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100 Days Without Delays Review

I have close to five hours of play time clocked in as I write this review, but don’t let that fool you. More than half of that time was spent fixing resolution errors. Probably due to a multi-monitor setup, the game launched with my mouse being able to access only a small portion of the screen. After finding a way to force the game to my second monitor, the screen didn’t resize itself and was then too large. Neither were playable, and it was only after pinballing the app back and forth between monitors and forced resolution switches that I was able to start playing.

After way too much spending effort attempting to get this game to run properly, I started the first level and quickly realized… that I had already played this game before. Not this exact game, but HH Games uses this cookie cutter template over and over. It would be nice if it were duplicated from something original, but its the same formula you may have been introduced to twenty years ago. Match 3 or more tiles. 4 matches gets you a special tile. 5 matches gets you a very special tile. Beat the level, get some stars to build a pointless building, and move on.

For a casual game, its not easy either. I had to make several attempts to beat even the second level. Your success is based on the tiles that fall, and you have a limited number of moves per level. Seeing that there is a free android version of this game, I can only assume that this was created with in-app purchases in mind.

This game doesn’t appear to have been made for PC. It isn’t enjoyable on PC. Seeing its reviews on a popular mobile app store, the challenge seems to be unfair in order to incentivize ad clicks rewarding you with extra turns or power-ups. That system was scrapped in its PC port, but the difficulty spike remains.

If you want to play 100 Days without delays (its called 100 Days on mobile… it kills me that they couldn’t even capitalize the rest of the title when they made this PC port) play it on your phone. That way you’ll understand this game isn’t anything special and you won’t have to spend six bucks.

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