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Sick Review

Sick is a psychological horror walking simulator built on the idea of repetition, much like we have seen since the incarnation of PT and the many who are seeking to replicate the same feeling, but in their own unique way. In Sick, you are constantly looking for keys (Sometimes, levers are involved) to open a door into the house or a door on the second floor. Once you reach the second floor and attempt to enter the room you spawn back to a familiar but now rearranged setting from outside the house. Again I have to look for keys and attempt to get further into the room.

The graphics were good, not the most refined looking assets but very sturdy and noble. Some of the keys can be hard to find or the fact that there are levers in the mix too. I think this whole thing could be greatly expanded upon, and I am confident that the game will grow and evolve as time goes. There’s little things like clipping items here and there or the edge of the barren map being visible, those things take you out of it a little. Those are small but significant details for someone looking to be immersed. 

The game had a couple jump scares, but low hanging fruit when it comes to the horror genre. The level design is distinctly different and is laid out and set up very naturally and with the ever changing nature of the game, I can imagine this would be tedious and difficult to do so many times. The game is in Early Access so I imagine much will change before 1.0. I am hopeful for this game because I think it has a lot of strong and unique ideas at hand. I don’t necessarily feel it’s worth $8 in its current state but it is something worth investing in and watching it change and evolve as development trudges on.. There is a lot of polishing and building upon the current state that needs to happen but I feel like it is trending towards something good, maybe even great! I’ve already seen discussion of a supportive dev so I am hopeful and looking forward to the future of Sick.

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