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Punk Wars Review

Punk Wars is a 4x, turn-based, tactics, city builder, game that unfolds in a wasteland with competing corporations of steam, steel, atom and diesel racing to spread their own unique technologies and take out the competition. The game has a lot of promise but feels like an early access game not in the sense of bugs, but in the sense there is a solid foundation that is not a feature rich game that allows for a lot of customizability or a campaign mode that offers variation in goals. With that known, I love this game and definitely recommend it.  

The game takes place in turns and can lead to some heavy strategic thinking and trying to outwit the AI. The game has a handful of buildings unique to each corporation that can offer a bevy of different tasks that can render you resources or different troops that each have their own abilities and/or weapons. The game is a delicate balance of trying to balance your resource use while also producing troops to conquer the land and destroy the opposition, you will soon be invaded otherwise. 

The tutorial is weak, it’s like showing you a bike for the first time and then telling you how to ride it. There’s no hand holding going on here. It shows you basic controls of the game but not any semblance of how an actual game plays out or the capabilities of buildings or troops. The skill tree has 2 paths and I wish there were more. In general I just kind of want more. 

The game is fun and kept me engaged and wanting to build and make troops. The combat and fighting was interesting and made you think of ways to more swiftly overcome your opponents or lure them out of their area. The game has a great level design with mountains adding a layer of difficulty or strategy depending on what you’re up against. The graphics were great and fitting for the setting and genre. 

This game is great as is, but hopefully devs will continue to make more for Punk Wars. It’s too good not to. The game is beautiful and has a very retro Fallout kind of flavoring over the top that adds to the experience and the entire idea of the game is very well implemented and has a good amount of replayability. The strategy kept me engaged and driven to overcome the other corporations. This game is a gem in the making.

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