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Pushy and Pully in Blockland Review

From the very moment your eyes land on the title screen, Pushy and Pully is absolutely seeping with adorable. Colors, characters and creatures all alike are like their purpose was to be as cute as humanly possible. Then you actually play and realize that there is much more to this game than simply being cute. Buried underneath the cutsie adorableness there is a really great puzzle game waiting to be found similar to the likes of old school puzzle games.

Winning in this game requires you to kill all of the enemies on the screen by pushing blocks around. As easy as that sounds, it most definitely can get tough. You have to really be strategic with your approach where you will push blocks because they move all the way across the screen until they hit a wall, which can very very rapidly cause you to find yourself in a tough place to get out of due to no blocks being push-able. This dilemma will quickly result in you having to destroy blocks caught up against others.

Crushing blocks may seem like not a big deal, but there is a nice little match 3 system to get little perks, like bombs, depending on the blocks you match. Matching 3 becomes important for scores. Not only is the strategy of how to push the blocks important, but you also have a timer really keeping the fire lit under you to keep moving quickly. The mixture of these elements creates a kind of tense scenario that is very satisfying to work through.

Graphically speaking, this game takes a pixelated art style approach, so this game can run very easy on a super wide range of machines making it a great puzzle game for just about anyone in that regard. The music and sound effects are both very pleasing and suiting to accompany the visual style adding to the cute appeal of the game.

Pushy and Pully was also developed with longevity in mind. To keep you replaying despite beating the game, you have a ranking system here that will have you coming back for more to try and beat your old records and to really hit those high scores. Once you start really dissecting the puzzles to optimize score but still to beat the clock, the game can get pretty intense.

Pushy and Pully is definitely a game that you can play in short bursts or for long time frames, while enjoying every moment. There is a lot to offer here and if you’re a fan of old puzzle games with a bomberman-like feel to how the game moves, you may just find a lot of joy in this cute little game.

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