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Nearly Dead Review

Though the game has an excellent concept (just by checking the previews alone), it is still far from being a complete game. It is still in a rough stage; missing descriptions or blank texts on character creation, there’s no tutorial on how to do things in the game, there is an encyclopedia but it most of it still lacks information, . With that being said, the backbone of the game seems pretty playable. It is a working game, some of the basic features mentioned in the store page are available and present in the game. There are a variety of enemies, specially on zombies. Crafting and building are both working as intended, though it still needs polishing. The outfits that you can wear are not limited to just one equipment per body part. You decide what clothes to wear and how to wear them.

I’ve restarted the game multiple times to see if its a different map every time, and it kind of is. The only thing similar in each of my playthrough was the house nearby where you can get some equipment and items early on, though they the items do vary sometimes. Starting off in the game could be troublesome for most, without any tutorial to guide you through the game means you’re pretty much on your own. It would probably take an average person about an hour and a half before he/she can get a good grasp of the mechanics of the game. Unless someone is really that adapt into survival games, its gonna take them some time before they figure things out.

Now for a few recommendations… An easy to understand tutorial will be a great help, and not just in a text format. I think it would be best if there would be visuals or a step by step guide. A better and more polished UI. Even though the inventory is easy to understand, the rest of the UI isn’t. I personally had a hard time adapting to the primary actions.

With those out of the way, I believe the future is bright for this one. I think the developers are very much invested, because it does show in the game. After a few google searches I found out about their previous project which is Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. I’ve checked some Youtube videos for it, and I must say that they did a great job on that one. The game is free, so if you’re interested to try it, go ahead.

Anyway, back to this game, Nearly Dead. I do not recommend that you buy it this early, as it may leave a bad taste and never look back. But I do recommend that you atleast wishlist it, and stay tune for future updates. Because I honestly think this will be a great game in the future. But if you’d like to support the developers then please do so.

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