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Undungeon Review

In a shattered existence where dimensions are breaking down, you find yourself in control of an inter-dimensional being called a “Herald.” You are summoned in a mystical fashion and comprised of several leftovers gathered from across the dimensions. This is the very broken down, basic description of this fantastic action RPG.

Fairly quickly, you will noticed that there is a bit of a complex plot that is in-front of you, but the story in its complexity is able to be served in doses that really do allow for a player to understand it. Along the way you will meet several companion types and lots of very interesting and uniquely made characters that really show a nice sense of style and imagination.

Not only will you find some creative muscles flexed in the story and characters, but the art in this game is on point. Undungeon is a 2d game, but made to really feel 3d through the masterfully applied usage of depth through layers of imagery that satisfy that illusion very well. From animation to stills, this game really did have me in a state of awe when it came to the art.

Accompanying the aesthetic flairs of Undungeon, are lots of unique twists on familiar systems that can be found in most action rpgs, but allow the game to have it’s very own personality. Much like similar styled games, you will find loot along the way. Some items will be equipables in the form of masks, chest guard or weapons, be it thrown or melee. All of the items have predetermined statistical benefits and even slight mechanical alteration skills, such as a charge dash that provides a shield, or drops mines.

Weapons in this title come in many different and interesting forms. You have your claws, which are your melee, but the really interesting items are the ones you can throw. From simple daggers, to grenades and even nets, you will have all sorts of items in your arsenal to thrash and manipulate your foes to their grave.

Your character also has odd equipables that come in the form of several different organs. These items can be broken and replaced with new ones. To get more organs, not too far into the game you will see that there is a crafting system in the game, which is where you will see a large portion of the drops in the game used. The crafting is not super elaborate, but does provide some interesting effects in junction with the choices you make with the rest of your equipped choices to have a sense of builds.

Other than equipable items or crafting materials, you have your typical merchant fodder, but even that has been twisted in this game into it’s own unique system, which is bartering. Each item has a value that you can use to trade merchants for their items. Don’t be fooled either because not all merchants have the same value. You will notice that some merchants have different percentages that they charge you or value your items at.

Undungeon, does not have a typical skill tree, but instead has cores you equip, which have a different make up of slots that you can customize to your liking. This was a pretty interesting design choice when you start paring this with the organs.

It feels like I could say so much more about this game, but all I can say to save you tons of time is that you should give this game a whirl. It is absolutely fantastic, and there is lots of fun to be had here. You’ll be kept busy for a decent time frame with Undungeon and if you’re into action RPGs, you won’t find disappointment. This is one fantastic game here.

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