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TRACHI is an interactive fiction game that plays similar to a visual novel. Upon starting the game, I was impressed by the   style of the opening and menu. Everything is simplistic yet looks very sharp, and you can immediately tell that a lot of effort was put into this game.

The tale starts off with an inquisition of sorts, and as you converse in this opening sequence the plot begins to unfold. The timeline bounces around as you are spoonfed piecemeal bits of information that slowly come together. I thought the use of this enhanced the storytelling and definitely kept me intrigued. Most of the characters have their own sprite art, and both the pixel and portrait art look top notch.

I didn’t encounter any bugs while playing. When looking at the game’s screenshots, I became quickly aware that this was made in RPGMaker. While playing, I eventually realized that this doesn’t *feel* like an RPGMaker game. While I think a game like this would probably be better experienced as a full fledged visual novel (my only gripe… and a neutral one at that – walking from building A to building B doesn’t add to the experience), the author uses the engine to implement scene changes and events that may be difficult to achieve otherwise. I’ll also add that the music is good and seemed to change up often.

The story is great, yet because it is free I worry its depth may be undervalued by someone stumbling upon this game. I definitely recommend this title. Even for the impatient reader, scenes are fast and the plot advances at a brisk pace. I am glad I was able to experience TRACHI, and I’m thankful for games like this that are able to introduce well told fiction using a medium uncommon to the craft.

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