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Destiny’s Plan Review

Destiny’s Plan is a cyberpunk visual with romantic and dramatic undertones. Upon starting the game, I was greeted with a menu entirely in Russian. I understand this is a game created for a Russian audience, but I had to trial and error my way through dialog until I happened upon the elusive language setting. A language dialog on initial startup would be very helpful as this almost kept me from playing the game.

The story begins, and man the english is broken. This seems like it was machine translated, but I do my best to translate sentences into meaningful phrases in my head. Destiny’s Plan deals with some meaningful topics such as mental health, grief and loss. It takes a few twists that I didn’t see coming, and overall I can tell that a lot of thought was put into telling this tale.

The background art and CG work is fine, and some of it actually looks really good. With that in mind, some of the character sprites could use some work and appear a bit rushed. The music is good and fits well into the story’s setting. There are enough tracks to keep anything from getting stale, and the soundtrack does well not to overpower.

If the translation wasn’t so hard to understand I would give this an easy recommendation. Since I had to re-read many of the stories’ lines 2-3 times to fully comprehend their meaning, english readers may want to wait for a re-worked translation. The developer has replied to another review stating this may happen in the future, so I’ll keep an eye out and I’ll revisit this game if it gets updated.

Destiny’s Plan tells a meaningful story, and overall my experience was positive. My recommendation still stands keeping in mind that native readers will get a good experience from this, and I wouldn’t want to dissuade them from playing.

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