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King under the Mountain Review

King under the Mountain is a simulation-based strategy game that focuses on building settlements inside a mountain. A procedural generated fantasy world that has a day/night cycle, weather system, season changes, etc. You start off with a couple of settlers with their own personalities. Your objective is to build and expand your settlement for them to thrive within this fantasy world.

I went to their discord server and found out how active the developer is. You can often see him communicating with the players and helping them with their questions regarding about the game. I also found out that this game started of as a Kickstarter and have made its way into Steam’s Early Access. I don’t have to dig further but it is obvious that the developer has a clear objective about this game’s development. I gravitate towards developers who shows their passion through their work.

Draw comparison to similar games like Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld, but probably King under the Mountain is more easier to get a grasp onto. Setting up rooms are easy, all the tools you need are found effortlessly. Digging through mountains has its surprises, like discovering a secret room full of mushrooms. A basic guide can be found within the game, telling you what you need in order to obtain something. On top of that, they are simple to follow. I find the piping and tubing system to be an interesting mechanic in this game. It opens up tons of possibilities managing your settlement.

Since this game is still in its early stages, the UI is too bland in my opinion. I hope in the future that it gets an overhaul. With that said, the core of the gameplay is already there and more are still to come. One of things I’m looking forward to is the combat system, it said that it will be turn-based combat that is inspired by XCOM and Fire Emblem. Right now the combat system is fairly basic, limited to hunting animals found in the world.

I can see some players overlooking the crafting system or the building materials needed. There was an instance that a build wasn’t getting any progress because I was lacking a material and there are no way of notifying you unless you click on a particular build.

I highly recommend that you start with the tutorial because it is easy to get lost in the mechanics in this type of game. In fact, I even watched some YouTube videos about it to learn more about the game. And to see some of the lists that is planned for this game, head on to the store page and check out the Early Access info for this game because there are tons of it to look forward to. If you like what you see there, then you should give this game a chance or at the very least, add it to your wishlist and keep an eye on it.

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