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Too Many Humans Review

Too Many Humans is an RTS where you are Pthisis, the God of Decay who is on Earth to eradicate mankind with your zombie army but only because Humanity has exploited the Earth, one another and everything else they could get their greedy hands on. And you’re here to end this awful reign with questionable methods that are for the benefit of the planet, and everything else except maybe for mankind.


This game does tutorialisation well. Though it definitely is not the most elegant in it’s tutorialisation, it does well at explaining the mechanics, controls and such to the player clearly in a step by step manner. This can easily be found in “How to play” in the menu options easily should you need to refer to it again.

Control The Masses

Since mindless zombies make up your army, you don’t necessarily have direct control over them since they have a mind of their own, or lack thereof. So you will control them via a “screamer” which will attract the other zombies. You can control their aggression with said screamer. Choosing the right aggression is paramount at times as having them aggressive and be spread out will put them at risk when moving through traps which they are bound to set off.


Having the right type of zombies in certain situations will help you get through to the humans and their brains. A standard zombie is cheap to produce with the “Flesh” currency that you will get from chomping on humans. “Smashers” are sturdier zombies that can break down barricades and are made by mutating the standard zombies by spending Flesh. There are other zombies such as “Boomer” who will help with more sturdier walls by exploding, however they cost Petrol (obtained from petrol tanks and petrol trucks) in order to mutate them.


As an RTS title, I expected to be overwhelmed with the mechanics that is common for RTSes which can put off casual players such as myself from the genre. The good news is Too Many Humans succeed in making it an accessible game albeit at the risk of making it too lite for RTS veterans for its gameplay and mechanics.
Even though it is an RTS-lite title with it’s mechanics and gameplay, the difficulty scale might catch casual players a little off guard. Early in the game I find myself needing to restart a level numerous times cuz I couldn’t figure out the proper tactic for an encounter on one of the levels especially from a game that is lite in its mechanics you would think, “well what on earth did I do wrong?”, since there’s so few tactics one can employ.

With that said, Too Many Humans is an enjoyable and chill title for an RTS until you hit that wall which RTS veterans might be looking for in order to test their skill, but not so much if you aren’t one.

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