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Formula Retro Racing Review

Formula Retro Racing describes itself with its own name. Formula describes the cars, the game is retro in graphic style and the core gameplay which is an easy guess…racing. The cars handle well and the overall experience is very nostalgic and this game is a by the book replica of famed arcade racing games with refined low poly graphics. I think this game sought out to achieve a retro feeling arcadey racing game and achieved it on many levels.

The game offers several ways to get into racing Arcade style, Grand Prix solar or Multiplayer or you can freely practice the courses if you wish. The game comes with 8 very solid and almost familiar tracks which is very reasonable for the price point. There are several tracks to unlock depending on the mode. I do wish there were more things to unlock in the game and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see more tracks or variations and options of the 8 that come with it.

The graphic style is a low poly high res style which gives the game a great feel and contributes to the overall experience.  Your car has a damage meter that will explode if you damage it too much, and even better when you do you get these great cut scenes that turn the screen to grayscale and slows, I almost expect the infamous “wasted” to pop up on screen but either way I enjoy it. The only thing I found annoying was that the volume setting did not affect the menu volume at all. Otherwise I found the experience to be light and quick, and easy to jump in and out of, or play extended period of time in the Grand Prix mode. Always chasing that gold! 

The game has no frills or deep customization but exudes charm from the low poly trees and tires, and retro hype arcade music to the simple color scheme choices, all that would strike a chord deep with fans of retro arcade racing games. I certainly think there is room to add things but I think as is, rings true to the retro name. The experience is nostalgic with a touch of refinement and polish since the 90’s and even offers 4-person local multiplayer! It’s a gem!

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