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The rumours were true, Returnal is coming to PC


After months of sneaky Steam listings, the hectic but excellent Returnal is officially heading to PC. Confirmed tonight during The Game Awards pre-show, Housemarque’s arcade-y timeloop shooter doesn’t have a precise release date just yet, but it is “coming soon” according to its fancy new PC trailer. Have a look below.

To recap: Returnal chucks you into the space boots of Selene, whose ship crash lands on a mysterious planet that seems to be stuck in some kind of timeloop. Indeed, every time Selene biffs it, she’s plonked back at her crash site again, bereft of any of the weapons or pick-ups she accumulated in her previous run. The great thing about Returnal, though, is that its worlds are procedural, remixing its rooms, locations and enemies to give you a fresh challenge each time. It all adds up for a surreal, breathtaking experience, and I can’t wait to jump back into it on PC, presumably sometime next year.

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