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Hellboy’s getting a new game for the first time in 15 years


It’s been more than a decade since horn-headed demon lad Hellboy had his own game, but that’s about to change thanks to Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd. A roguelite action adventure developed by Upstream Arcade and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, Web Of Wyrd was revealed at tonight’s Game Awards. It’s the first game to star Hellboy since 2008’s Hellboy: The Science Of Evil. You can see Big Red in action by giving the trailer below the ol’ watcheroonie.

As a massive Hellboy fan, I’m very up for Web Of Wyrd just from the look of it alone. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has a very distinctive art style, which Upstream Arcade seem to have done an admirable job capturing from the short burst of action shown in tonight’s trailer. The throwdown Hellboy has with the giant wolf is pretty comics accurate too, and I got a kick out of the bit where he’s knocked backwards through the wall by the monster’s blow.

Web Of Wyrd will have an original story developed with Mignola’s input, which is probably a good thing. Mignola is also handling all the key art for the game. You’ll have to guide Hellboy on his mission to rescue a fellow BPRD agent from the Butterfly House, a bizarre mansion built by occultists who’ve cracked open a portal to an interdimensional gateway to a place called the Wyrd. Web Of Wyrd’s take on Hellboy’s being voiced by Lance Reddick, the actor who portrayed Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Albert Wesker in the single season of Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil TV show, among many other roles.

Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd doesn’t have a release date just yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

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