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The Finals shows environment destruction and grappling hooks ahead of closed playtest


Granular environment destruction is up there with grappling hooks in the videogame hall of fame. The Finals, an upcoming multiplayer shooter, seems to have both. Its new trailer shows players grappling and ziplining between buildings, and those buildings being destroyed chunk by chunk.

The Finals is being developed by Embark Studios, a new company founded by some former developers from the Battlefield series. You can see the lineage. While there’s a sorta game show framing device around it, including enemies that turn into coins when killed, you’re otherwise running around real world environments and then blowing those environments to bits.

That destruction looks far more granular than anything in Battlefield. The trailer above shows a particular building being destroyed piece by piece, with walls and flooring coming down in 10’x10′ pieces until eventually the whole structure collapses. It’s maybe not quite as freeform as Teardown, but it’s certainly more so than Rainbow Six Siege.

I like that you seem to be able to compensate for the destroyed environment by rebuilding it with a gloop gun, throwing up makeshift bridges between rooftops and barriers that look like they’re made of marshmallow.

If you’re interested in playing The Finals, there’s a closed alpha playtest kicking off in two days and you can sign up via Steam. I hope this one is good.

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