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The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Acts I – III Review

Although I have not read its source material, The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout is a series that is able to be enjoyed by newcomers and veterans alike. Although this title is presented in 3d, it plays similar to 2d adventure games. You have a great deal of game mechanics at your disposal, and each section presents you with challenges that require you to combine these into clever solutions. You must use your senses of smell, sight, and stealth, plus you’ll bring a slingshot and find a myriad of other items to assist you on your journey. You’ll also need some light platforming skills to progress through the story.

This is a dialog heavy game, but it is aimed at appeasing a young adult (and upwards) audience. Some conversations offer choices which you must choose correctly to continue, but if paying attention the UI plainly points you in the right direction. You can also choose between two protagonists to play as, Liam or Sophia. I found some puzzles to be a bit frustrating (as I usually do in adventure games, take that as you will), but they are plot central and when keeping each games’ length in mind the effort required is usually proportional to their respective rewards.

The graphics and art are charming and create a world worthy of your exploration. The music sets the tone well, and is exactly what you might expect from a fantasy/adventure series such as this. Some of the tracks are worthy of a re-listen, and I was glad to see that the soundtrack is available as a separate DLC. I played using mouse+keyboard, which posed no issue for me although a controller can be substituted.

Act I has you starting out as a prospective scout attempting to finish your training. Upon completion, you become a member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps only to witness Lilygrove attacked by sea rats. You are tasked with lighting the Lilygrove Lighthouse, saving some of the townsfolk from the attackers and escaping their leader Scumsnout.

The following overwiew may have light spoilers, but I will avoid specifics to keep from giving everything away. In Act II, someone is overcome with poison and you must cure them of this by finding a healer to provide an antidote. You end up making some new friends, finding an important artifact, and are thwarted by the sea rat captain Cheesethief as well as some old foes. In Act III we conclude most of these prior trials, and you eventually set off for Redwall itself. There is one puzzle in particular that I found pretty difficult, and I felt I spent a disproportionate amount of time here. These play as though they are a single game, and I would only recommend starting at Act I and progressing chronologically.

If you’re new to the series, I would be prepared to purchase all three acts as they are rather short on their own and are direct sequels to each other. The storytelling is great, and while you may not shed tears or recount this tale at dinner it is quite enjoyable. A few of the main cast are memorable characters, and the final act sets up a sequel that left me wanting more. While there are heavy adventure mechanics in this game, the sum of all its parts result in a well crafted story that shines despite a few barriers that took me a while to pass.

I am certain those familiar with Redwall will enjoy this series, and for newcomers like me this is a great introduction to novels I hope to delve into soon.

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