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Uragun Early Access Review

Uragun is an old school top down twin stick mech shooter that is currently in Early Access on Steam. You play as a friendly neighborhood mech with a heart of gold as you shoot, crush and explode hundreds of enemies in your path across the globe.

The game’s opening sequence reveals that planet earth has been taken over by corrupt artificial intelligence that seems to have taken control of the world’s supply of killer machines and eliminated every last human, for some reason however you were spared and with the help of a talking AI cube you set out to look for your previous pilot. As an early access game the story of Uragun is obviously far from complete but it doesn’t seem to be one of the game’s primary focuses as it’s all presented at the beginning and then not really touched on for the remainder of the available game, in all honesty this is probably for the best though as Uragun is all about the action and not once did I think it would be improved by story-based cutscenes, as with any mech shooter a big part of the game is building your mech the way you want to while you can’t actually change the structure or look of your mech there are a handful of weapons that you can attach to rain down some destruction on your foes, currently there are only five weapons in the game with the minigun rocket launcher shotgun plasma disc and railgun.

I am excited to see this roster grow through early access and sadly you only have one of each weapon so no dual wielding but each different weapon type does feel meaningful and trying out different weapon combinations added a lot of replayability to the game loop, what makes these weapons really special however are the mods you can attach to them right now each weapon only has a small handful of available mods but they can do some fun things like increasing the size of your projectiles or having them light the ground on fire behind them and by finding the secret intel in each of these levels you can upgrade your weapons so that they can take up to three mods at once. Outside of weaponry you also have mech passives that can increase your mobility, your pickup range and you can also equip powerful heat abilities, these heat abilities cast instantly and include things like grenades or a giant sword to destroy melee enemies and they use heat, a resource that you gain by killing foes, as of right now though these abilities don’t seem to be worth it in most cases because heat is also used for healing your mech so spending it on extra damage can be risky in combat.

Uragun really shines, the weapons all pack a punch and upgrades are a noticeable jump in your mech’s power, additionally dashing around while firing is a smooth and satisfying experience and there’s even a bullet time mechanic that you can activate when you’ve killed enough enemies, with how many offensive options you have for getting through levels the game is an overall pretty easy experience but there are a few mini bosses and one larger boss that do ramp up the intensity later on and I’m definitely excited to get into the tougher end game levels as content gets released. It’s a pretty short game as of right now clocking in at just under three hours but the level progression is solid and it consistently creates new enemy types and mechanics to throw at you, in its current state there are 25 different missions and they’re laid out so you can see what kind of missions they are and you can choose which paths you want to take around the map, you can prioritize mission types that you enjoy like boss encounters or focus on missions that give the rewards you want like new weapons or heat abilities.

The biggest downside to Uragun right now though is that it’s a very generic experience that isn’t breaking any molds, don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful looking game with fast fun combat that outside of a few very minor performance issues runs very smoothly but it doesn’t do anything new right now and has a lot of ground to cover before it’s going to be a must buy game, that being said it has a great foundation so the sky is the limit for a huge roster of guns endless levels and maybe some multiplayer if we’re lucky.

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