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Sir Whoopass™: Immortal Death Review

Sir Whoopass™: Immortal Death is a lighthearted and fun RPG game that seriously doesn’t take itself seriously. You’re placed in the shiny boots of Sir Whoopass, who escapes prison and goes out into the world to save it from the evil clutches of The Immortal, but to do this, he has to travel around the world and clear dungeons, which are a host to an energy orb that powers the barrier around the villian’s castle in the sky and along the way collect the 3 pieces of an artifact that can whoop The Immortal’s ass.

The game takes RPG cliches and throws them out the window, you know those red health potions you drink to restore your health? Well, not here, here you’re eating gnomes to restore your health. And one might wonder, how does one replenish such a weird resource? By smashing barrels, crates and pots! Every now and then a gnome will pop out of one and he will run away from you, so if you want to survive you’d better make a hobby out of gnome chasing. There’s also the question of whether or not you can swim, every game you play you’ll jump in the water and see if it’s possible. Well to put it bluntly, no, you cannot swim in this game, because any body of water is infested with sharks that will instantly kill you.

Sir Whoopass™: Immortal Death is a game that doesn’t pressure you into saving the world, there’s simply too much comedy around to keep you distracted and there’s always something outrageous waiting for you around the corner. They also have the funniest loading screen tips, with my favourite ones being “The pointy end of the sword goes into the enemy” or “Hire a serious employee to write tips for your game.”

There are also funny references to characters from other movies, such as Pennydumb (as opposed to Pennywise from the movie “It”), what’s funnier is the fact that you fight him in a sewer.

When I say orcs, what’s immediately on your mind? Lord of the Rings orcs? Skyrim orcs? Well, orcs in this game? They’re just everyday crooks who have problems connecting to the internet!

I had fun and appreciate the time I had with Sir Whoopass, the game proves that not every game, RPGs especially, has to be done seriously and sometimes something lighthearted and comical is exactly what you need to have a break from the stereotypes of the genre.

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