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Summer With You Review

Summer With You is a Visual Novel where you play Kai, a student who goes through challenges in his life from being bullied and wanting to save others from the same fate. As he struggles to protect himself and those he cares about. Will he realise that there’s more to pain than only physical, is he strong enough to deal with deception, betrayal and despair?

What is right or what seems wrong?

Summer With You plays like a standard Visual Novel with a number of decent selection of scenes or environment the story goes to and from and with other titles of this genre there are moments where you can pick a branching path of dialogue or outcome to choose from, but the number of times this happens is very little so do pick your options wisely as there’s up to 4 endings in Summer With You.

While the backgrounds/scenes are static, the characters have a some degree of animations to them but not much. What’s nice with Summer With You is that every character is voice acted (except for you, Kai) and what caught me off guard but is something refreshing compared to other Visual Novel titles I play, the voice acting is in Russian so the subtitle helps.

The artstyle certainly is good throughout the whole game till the end. However all the cheery colours and artstyle does not translate to a happy or cheerful story as Summer With You is in fact a dark title to a degree as it touches on bullying, betrayal, deceit and other negative connotations of the like so don’t be fooled by it.

The story certainly is filled with twists and turns and one that got me into it until the end to complete 2 of the 4 endings. So if you’re keen on completing all four endings, you’d be pleased to know that this game is of decent length and does not overstay its welcome or abruptly ends, though I can’t help but to ask for a proper send off to the main menu once the game ends rather than going to the options menu to do it through there but I digress. 

Final Thoughts

In all, even though I got the depressing endings, Summer With You certainly is a VN that is well fleshed out in its story as it’s engaging and well written, there’s a slight translation and typo here and there but one that is easily understood nonetheless. Interesting main characters that are fleshed out to a degree, a good artsyle and a little dialogue selection to choose from, this is a title you can play and complete after a long day.

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