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Polygon Hunter Review

Polygon Hunter is an arcadey 3rd person shooter with the emphasis on shooting bouncing and flying shapes. The theme and story is irrelative entirely but the gameplay is actually pretty fun. For the whole package I dont think it’s worth it at the $20 price point personally. Everything else is kind of tacked onto the engaging gameplay and overall feels very basic and overly time consuming to unlock anything and the general theme and graphics are lacking refinement.

The gameplay in this game is actually rather fun and challenging. The constant barrage of shapes bouncing around a tiny level that you are meant to shoot. The chaos of it all makes for an interesting tiptoeing shape shooting salad of a game. The shapes can do any number of different things like wield large blades or shoot laser beams, all that makes for a stressful environment to try to navigate without getting hit. If you get hit 3 times you lose a life, but you can grab life off the ground. I do wish that the drops were persistent from level to level, or at least left a cool off time to grab them at the end of a round, and mostly just the life drops. Graphics are okay, just okay. Some of the characters are putrid to look at, but you rarely have time to focus on the face during gameplay.

The game has a fixed direction of aiming and you can never look behind yourself the camera’s semi-fixed position and the deeper you go into the level rather hairy because if objects flying out of your sights. I found this odd at first but with the aiming it didn’t really cause any issues for me. I think this aiming feature kind of voids the wanting/needing to grab drops that have landed in precarious positions. You can’t see behind the character and you can easily get pegged by a rapidly spinning pyramid. The overwhelming nature that it can sometimes have makes me feel like this game has an opportunity to be better. The city maps, the school trope, these all could have been otherworldly more genuine if it was pasted with another theme and unique character and story, this story/theme is so shallow, and the steam page is really the only basis of the story of the game. I don’t get that. The page also boasts about RPG progression, that’s not really the case except for the disabling staggering of money that takes a lot of gameplay and dedication just to unravel one tidbit at a time.

It’s sad because I really like the core gameplay, but it’s not a game that’s rewarding to play, you play round after round and for the largest amount of time your only reward is to see your score go up. I don’t think the rewards or progression is really anything like any RPG you’ve ever played, this is drip fed progression behind copious grinding. The core gameplay is fun, but that’s where it stops being fun with all the level hampering and repetitive gameplay and especially considering what other games you can get for $20. You can’t even adjust your audio, for $20 I should be able to adjust audio levels. Recommended on a steep discount, otherwise it’s a no..



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