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Mutant Year Zero devs are making a new tactical RPG called Miasma Chronicles


505 Games’ first showcase has revealed the next game from Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden developers The Bearded Ladies, and it’s another post-apocalyptic wasteland. We were only shown a very small CG snippet of during the presentation, but Miasma Chronicles is going to be a tactical adventure set in a near-future America that’s been done a nasty disservice by an evil titular miasma. Have a watch of the reveal trailer below.

The game stars an orphaned lad called Elvis, who is neither the one from the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film or the wacky big-headed alien from Perfect Dark. Instead, he reminds me a lot of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s genero-Jedi Cal Kestis more than anything else. Must be the hair…

Elvis also has an older robot brother in Miasma Chronicles, what with it being the future and everything, although it’s not yet clear whether their relationship is a kind of Full Metal Alchemist type deal, or something more benign. In any case, they’re both on a quest to look for their mam, who left Elvis a special glove that controls the Miasma. That sounds like it’ll come in – wait for it – handy. 505 say there will be lots of exploration mixed with tactical turn-based combat, along with ‘RPG elements’. My money’s on skill trees.

The Bearded Ladies last game was 2020’s Corruption 2029, set in a near-future America that’s been done a nasty disservice by… wait, this sounds familiar.

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