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Stellaris Dev Diary

Looking for the Stellaris dev diary? Like most grand strategy game teams, the Stellaris developers have a good habit of posting regular development updates looking at what is being worked on. Usually these drop weekly, but sometimes there can be extended breaks to account for things like holidays, with the Swedish summer break especially shutting down operations for nearly the whole period.

Stellaris dev diaries tend to focus on specific elements of upcoming free patches and premium expansions. Typically, the team isn’t afraid of talking about premium features before an expansion is officially announced, but the bulk of dev diaries between major expansions tend to focus on free content and upcoming changes.

Once an expansion has been announced, dev diaries after that point do a better job of clarifying what is free, and what isn’t, with new diaries clearly marking out whether the content in any given week is for a free or paid feature. Given that Stellaris is over five years old at this point, the nature of the diaries are a bit broader in scope as well. A part of the Custodians initiative is to take care of older expansions, so you’ll also see diaries dedicated to new features coming for older DLC packs.

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