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Shooting Stars Review

With a creative twist on arcade shooters, Shooting Stars comes blasting its way into the room. This title takes a term intended for addressing fame and then turns it upside down to make it literal. In Shooting Stars, you come toting your laser shooting cat onto a battlefield where you will actually be shooting stars of today’s world culture.

Musicians, actors/actresses, and even beloved Y-Tube personalities are all on the shopping block in Shooting Stars. Of course, the names of those involved are changed for legal reasons, but they even come along with a little dialog to let you be even more assured they are parodies of people. It is very humorous and anyone who even slightly keeps up with that type of stuff will find a little joy in wondering who is next.

As for the gameplay itself, I can say I have very very much enjoyed this game. It is pretty simple and not on the level of “Hell Shooters” that I have seen before in terms of chaos, but the quality of game is very high here. I have to admit that I have never been one to be very good with the hyper chaos Hell Shooters, so having a game a bit toned down and more accessible is a relief for someone trying to come into the genre.

Shooting Stars is a game anyone can sit down and enjoy. The visual aesthetics are good and fun, the witty parody of famous people was enjoyed and the accessible nature of the game was right on the money. This is definitely a fantastic time waster game. There isn’t much in terms of story and the game is not super long, but it has a very high replay value that should keep you coming back.

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