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Space Ducks Review

Space Ducks is a block pusher game with a bizarre theme. A pixelated duck is controlled by the player in an outer space looking background. The goal is to get the duck to a block that apparently fuels a spaceship, then maneuver the duck to the spaceship itself and launch away from the island of blocks. Space Ducks has a very arcade-like feel and is very pixelated in appearance.

There are no options in Space Ducks. Navigation of the duck is simply the arrow keys. There is an undo function that allows the player to undo moves all the way back to the beginning of a puzzle. There is also a retry function. There are no sound or graphics options. There is a constant arcade style background music that becomes a bit wearing after a while, it would be nice to be able to shut it off. As there are not much in the way of sound effects, turning the volume all the way down manually will do the job.

The puzzle levels in Space Ducks seem to have one correct way to solve them, although a few appear to present alternative ways to complete the level. Once a level is completed successfully, there doesn’t seem to be a way to revisit the level to try an alternative. Many of the initial levels look deceptively simple, but the rules for Space Ducks are such that that the player will easily end up on a block that gets pushed off into space or crushed when a gap causes blocks to slam together. There is also the possibility of getting swept off into space if two group of blocks slam together.

There isn’t a ‘push’ key, blocks are moved once when the duck moves onto a face. To move the same block again, the duck must be walked off of that block and back on. However, the moved block must end up attached to something or it will float off into space with the player on it. This leads to many dead-end situations. In some cases, one or two undo’s may be all that is needed, but other times, the very first block moved was the problem. Most of the levels appear to have been made where a very precise move sequence is required to complete the puzzle. As such, Space Ducks is a very static (or linear) puzzler, like many block pushers. The price is reasonable and it appears to be bug free, it’s also a very small install. Space ducks is recommended for die-hard block pusher lovers.

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