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Scarf Review

Scarf is a 3D puzzle platformer developed by Uprising Studios and published by HandyGames. As the game begins, we’re introduced to our protagonist and trustworthy companion Scarf.

Scarf is a magical being that transforms into a dragon and assist you along your journey as you bond and explore, you’ll learn new abilities to help you traverse multiple worlds and overcome obstacles with three magical worlds to explore and various puzzles to solve Scarf offers an easygoing experience that’s both charming and enjoyable. The art direction is simply beautiful. The use of bright colors paint each of the three worlds in a magical light. The soundtrack is subtle yet adds this sense of wonder and charm to your journey.

Scarf’s plot is pretty straightforward, you’re tasked with reuniting your companion with its mother. We aren’t given much outside of that and the background plot which is explained via black orbs. When approaching the orbs,
your companion scurries away in fear, the stream turns monochromatic and a cut scene with accompanying voiceover begins, the background story unfolds explaining the origins of the world and the scarf. Sadly the story isn’t engaging or interesting, players have to search for the orbs to piece the history together, it feels like an afterthought as learning of the past is completely optional, luckily the voluntary background doesn’t make or break the title.

I found the simplistic gameplay to be one of the biggest draws of this game, it plays like a traditional platformer minus the violence at first, players are limited to jumping, lifting and placing items. This quickly changes as you unlock new abilities, you can expect to double jump, swing, paragliding and more. The abilities will feel familiar to platformer fans as the abilities have been featured as genre staples. I wish there was some sort of dash or temporary swimming ability just to add some variation. However, the gameplay is solid, entertaining and meshes well with the puzzles at its core.

When entering a new world, you’re introduced to the puzzles which are scattered and are showcased via camera tilt, slash, pan of the environment. Puzzles range from placing objects in specific locations to trial and error with different levers to move items, none of them are overly complicated to the point that would require a guide which I loved. I found the simplicity of both gameplay and puzzles blended well, resulting in a fun and smooth play through. However, if you’re not a fan of elementary puzzles padding out the platformer gameplay then Scarf may not be enough for those seeking a challenge.

Overall, Scarf is a decent platformer with a ton of heart. It’s minimal story and lack of difficulty aren’t ideal for those seeking a challenge. However, the gameplay and puzzles are well made and the lovely art and sound direction were enough to keep me interested and entertained.

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