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Roxy Raccoon Review

Roxy Raccoon is an old school 3d platformer that while rough around the edges has aspects that are very enjoyable. You start out watching intro and hear a story about a power hungry witch that you need to beat. The intro is unskippable, and the font is comic sans tier, but once you start playing things start to get better.

There are a ton of things to collect, similar to Spyro the Dragon. There are so many collectables though that they can seem insignificant. Either way, you run around levels collecting gems and completing missions. While running around, every single tree or lamp post I got close to sucked me in thinking I wanted to climb it. Wrong! Roxy too climb happy.

You also get hats. Lots of hats. Yes, you can wear them.

This game would be great for a younger audience. The gameplay actually has some really fun moments. More experienced gamers may find it feels too unpolished, and this did affect my enjoyment at times. The simple graphics do have a certain charm though, and although all you can do is jump and sprint the controls feel nice. Some of the challenges are a bit unforgiving which is actually a good thing. I found myself retrying several of these over and over, they are difficult but not to a fault.

Roxy Raccoon is a mixed bag, but overall I would definitely recommend this game. Its a bit absurd, and like I mentioned previously this would be better aimed at a young audience. Anyone should find enjoyment here though, as the platforming feels nice and the challenges are fun and keep things from getting stale. It was just the small stuff like odd word wrapping and a very questionable font choice that keep me from giving this a super solid thumbs up.

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