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Recon Control Review

Recon Control is a turn based strategy game similar to the X-Com games. You form a party and complete scenario objectives using skill and tactics along the way. You start off with four party members chosen from a pool of eight. After completing each mission for the first time, you are awarded gold which you can use to unlock better weapons, armor, and other equipment. As you progress, the party members that level up (and don’t die) can spend skill points to gain bonuses and specialties that will help you in combat.

The formula here isn’t unfamiliar, try and gain an advantageous position and take out enemies in the most strategic way possible: meaning using the least amount of resources, incurring the least amount of damage, and completing your objective with minimal loss. You usually need to complete these efficiently, as running in guns blazing will alert other enemies and make your chances of success that much lower.

The graphics ooze vibes from an old flash game, and didn’t particularly resonate with me. The music was very fitting however and set the tone for an otherwise entertaining game. Choosing your loadout and skills wisely is important, as if this is done incorrectly you will quickly become outgunned and overpowered and your team will be eliminated. Some aspects of each level are randomly generated, which is nice for retrying scenarios with a bit of variety in each attempt. The actual levels themselves are also randomized, so each playthrough will be a bit different.

Recon Control is hard, but it is very satisfying when you come out victorious and are able to maintain a team of battle hardened veterans. Fans new to the genre should look elsewhere, but those who have played the greats and are looking for more variety will definitely find it here.

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