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Lone McLonegan : A Western Adventure Review

Lone McLonegan : A Western Adventure is an old school point and click adventure game. After a short unskippable intro, the opening credits roll and we are left to our own devices. We take the role of the protagonist who was bumped out of the top slot of #1 outlaw in the west. On our way to rob the offending money back, our ride is rustled and ransacked leaving you stranded outside of town.

This game take obvious inspiration from older Sierra titles, and it emulates some of the good and bad from the era. The general control scheme is similar, which requires you to right click cycle through what action you wish to apply with your mouse. This can be frustrating, as you may have to perform up to four actions on each item or target. This makes trial and error exploring a nuisance and generally unrewarding. Some of the puzzles have abstract or even no clues at all in regard to their solution, which amplifies this effect.

I found myself walking around rooms just kicking everything in an attempt to find some sort of breadcrumb. Your character also walks very slow, and all this began to add up and take a toll on my patience. If you’re an adventure game fan, you will soon miss some of the modernizing this genre has undergone since the 90s, as most of that is not present in this title. While not a deal breaker, these omissions are definitely noticeable.

The graphics are nice, as is the music. The oddball characters and the unexpected fourth wall breaks give momentum to an unwieldy control scheme. Although I felt the UI battling the story the entire time I played, the story is just good enough to keep you playing. Those with an affinity towards the classics of this genre will be able to appreciate it with minor gripes. While I hesitantly recommend Lone McLonegan, newcomers may be too put off by its clumsiness and may opt for a more refined experience.

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