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Arizona Sunshine® 2 Review – Surviving the Aftermath


In the world of VR gaming, sequels often carry the burden of expectations. “Arizona Sunshine® 2,” the follow-up to a beloved zombie shooter, re-enters this post-apocalyptic world with a mix of old charms and new tricks. But does it deliver a fresh, groundbreaking experience or does it tread too familiar a path?

Gameplay Mechanics: The Heart of the Horde:

The core experience of “Arizona Sunshine® 2” lies in its gunplay, which has seen noticeable improvements over its predecessor. The tactile feedback and dismemberment mechanics make each encounter with the undead satisfyingly gruesome. However, gun handling can sometimes feel clumsy, especially during high-pressure reloading scenarios, leading to moments of frustration.

The melee combat, a new addition, provides a different flavor but lacks refinement. Swinging a weapon at a zombie should feel empowering, yet it often feels more like a last resort than a viable strategy.

Buddy: A Companion in the Apocalypse:

One of the standout features of the sequel is Buddy, the dog companion. This isn’t just a pet; it’s a character that grows alongside you. The bond formed with Buddy adds emotional weight to the narrative and serves as a beacon of light in the bleak world. The game cleverly uses this relationship to drive the story, making every moment with Buddy both a tactical advantage and an emotional journey.

Technical Aspects: A Mixed Reality:

While the game runs smoothly for the most part, there are occasional hiccups. Frame drops and stutters, especially in scenes crowded with zombies, can momentarily break the immersion. The graphic fidelity is commendable, capturing the desolation and despair of a zombie-infested world, but it doesn’t significantly push the boundaries of VR graphics.

The game’s AI and physics sometimes lead to less-than-realistic scenarios, detracting from the otherwise immersive experience. Zombie movements can be predictably linear, and interactions with the environment sometimes feel limited and scripted.

Storytelling and Atmosphere: An Uneven Narrative:

The narrative of “Arizona Sunshine® 2” is a mixed bag. The protagonist’s humorous dialogue adds levity to the grim setting, and the storyline has its moments of genuine intrigue and tension. However, the game often relies on predictable zombie tropes and doesn’t fully leverage its setting to tell a unique or compelling story.

The lack of enemy variety further emphasizes this issue. Encountering the same types of zombies repeatedly can make the gameplay feel monotonous, detracting from the overall sense of danger and suspense.

Co-op and Multiplayer: Social Survival:

The cooperative multiplayer aspect is a highlight, offering a chance to tackle the zombie menace with friends. However, technical issues like ammo resetting between levels and an underwhelming voice chat system can hinder the co-op experience. The limited horde mode, with only a single map, feels like a missed opportunity to extend the game’s replayability.


“Arizona Sunshine® 2” is a game that walks the line between homage and innovation. It retains the essence of what made the original beloved while introducing new elements like Buddy and improved gunplay. However, it falls short in areas like enemy variety, storytelling, and technical polish.

For fans of the original or VR enthusiasts looking for a solid zombie shooter, it’s a worthy pick, especially at a discounted price. Newcomers to the genre might find it a competent introduction, but it’s unlikely to redefine their expectations of VR gaming.

Final Thoughts:

With its blend of thrilling action, emotional companionship, and technical shortcomings, “Arizona Sunshine® 2” is a journey worth taking for those who temper their expectations. It’s a testament to the potential of VR gaming, even if it doesn’t fully realize that potential.

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