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The Ramp Review

Grinds and ollies and air, oh my! The Ramp is a great little game made as a testament of love. There is so much fun to be had in this little indie game. There isn’t much in terms of levels, but what’s here is a lot of fun. The developers really did put some care in making it really feel good hitting those ramps, getting air and busting out some awesome tricks.

In The Ramp you will play as a generic character, whom you can very slightly customize. It quickly gets you into the action after a very brief tutorial explaining how the game works, and at first, it may feel a bit off because of the camera angle vs your character. After about 5 minutes, I had a pretty good grasp and feel of the controls to get my character to go wherever I wanted, so the learning curve isn’t too bad really.After you’ve mastered your controls you get to hit the ramps and explore the wonderful indie skate game that is The Ramp.

Yet another very important gaming element to skate games is physics, and they did it justice. It really does feel like you have to nail those timings on getting your speed to get yourself as high as you can to get the tricks successfully performed. This element really does bring a sense of satisfaction to sticking those super tough tricks. When i landed my first 1080, it felt pretty amazing.

Total satisfaction is to be found in The Ramp if you are any sort of skate game enthusiast. Although there is not a ton of content here, which I would personally love to see some DLC maps, there is still a lot of fun to be had. Whether someone would sit down and play this title for hours and hours at a time is debatable, but it works absolute wonders as a filler game for when you don’t have tons of time to get involved.

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