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Polychromia Review

Polychromia is a puzzle game involving pathing and color changing. Right up front, it has to be said that this is an outstanding game, well thought out and well designed. The player’s goal is to trace a colored dot across a board of tiles, leaving a trail of color. The color changes if it intersects with another color or an inversion tile. It sounds simple enough and some of the early levels are fairly easy to solve, but the difficulty ramps up quickly and the rule that says that every tile on the board has to have been covered, makes some levels mind-boggling.

Polychromia is played with a mouse (and probably touch for tablets/phones). It can be played in a small window or full screen. There are music tracks that can be selected, it and the usual sound and volume options are there. There is an option for colorblind mode and also various theme and backgrounds. Polychromia also has a reset progress option to reset the levels back to the beginning, a nice touch by the developer. During the game there is a handy palette tool in the upper right with other options. The palette is handy because it displays the color shifting rules, which can feel complex when attempting to work out a solution.

Solving a level in Polychromia can be as simple as drawing a few complete paths, one after another. In some cases, drawing partial paths is required first, then completing a path. Some levels will look impossible to solve without drawing partial paths and then completing overlapping where the needed colors will be made. Polychromia also has puzzles where the wrong solution(s) for colors can be made, and the player will have to do a lot of backtracking or just reset the puzzle.

Polychromia has a tutorial that can be played, and the tutorial levels are reused from actual levels. Polychromia appears to have over 120 levels to complete in the game. Some of these levels are quickly solved, while others may stump a player for quite a long time. Level 10 took about 30 minutes to reach, so the game will last quite a while. Polychromia is highly recommended as a good puzzler and it is worth a playthrough.

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