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OS:Memories Review

This game is short. It took me about an hour to finish everything. While some of the puzzles can be a bit frustrating and the payoff isn’t huge, the story is touching. You rent office space to a game developer named Andy who suddenly goes missing. After performing a welfare check on him, you gain access to his laptop in hopes of finding his whereabouts and possible location or demise.

Some of the vocabulary used in conversations seems a bit off, and while it didn’t affect the story it made me wonder if English is the author’s primary language. This is a minor complaint though, as it was only a few sentences that seemed to speak awkwardly.

You have access to a few areas of Andy’s desktop. You can view his diary, his photos, chat logs, appointments, and music playlist. All of these are important in story progression, and you’ll eventually need to figure out some passwords using this information. None of them were immediately obvious, and I spent almost half of my play time trying to figure them out. This is a necessary step, as this leads to the story’s conclusion. Without a large build up, it wasn’t tremendously moving… but it does touch on the struggles of life as an adult with a career, a relationship, and distant parents.

The downside to this game is the price. If you’re unsure, wait for a sale. I don’t believe the amount of content provided justifies a $15 price tag. Just realize you’re getting about an hour of content, and that this plays similar to an interactive visual novel. There aren’t secrets to find or easter eggs to play with like similar games that use a mock computer… you find clues, progress the story, and that’s it. It doesn’t lack emotion or originality though. If you’re looking for a touching experience at a (hopefully) low price point, don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

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