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Orbital Bullet Early Access Review

Orbital Bullet is described as a fast-paced 360 degree action platformer with roguelite elements where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting and heavy weaponry. This is an Early Access game and is currently available on Steam. Orbital Bullet puts a whole new spin on the action platformer genre with its level design, blending the 2D traditional movement and the controls into three-dimensional levels, in a way that’s comfortable and understandable, then you throw in the roguelite elements such as procedural generated levels and dynamic skill trees that makes each run different and you have a recipe for a game that will keep you coming back for more.

Orbital bullet is organized into planets and each planet has a procedural generated level that is organized like a tower where you have to go floor by floor defeating enemies until you get to the boss floor, these floors which are called sectors change with each playthrough, the procedural magic works between playthroughs to change the number of sectors the layout and the look of the sectors and the number and types of enemies you will encounter in these sectors, the boss floors are the only ones that remain the same. Your character and enemies all move around in an orbit, when you shoot, the bullets fly around this orbit which makes this type of level design shift your thinking from just direct facing when you can curb a bullet around behind your target. The size of these sectors would be considered very small in comparison to other action platformers but this works to the game’s advantage having a very small platform keeps you directly into action and since it’s 360 degrees you will almost always be surrounded. The persistent skill tree is extremely useful, unlocking new items at vendors and providing useful features such as the ability to save some of the various currencies at the end of each run rather than losing them all, but the per-run upgrades are where the replayability truly shines. You begin each run with four randomly selected abilities that you can improve at upgrade stations on a regular basis, and every so often you’ll have to choose the next similarly-randomised layer of your talent tree before investing upgrade points in those as well.

The art style in Orbital Bullet is quite charming, there is a good balance between environment, the characters and the visual effects, everything is distinct, crisp and clear. The music is amazing, it’s the kind of music that gets stuck in your head. This combination of visuals and music sets the perfect tone for a game like this, as for the controls, when I launched the game there is a message on the menu that says playing Orbital Bullet with a controller is strongly advised and since it was strongly advised that’s the way I chose to play and after playing a couple of hours, I strongly agree with the advice offered, the controller feels natural with this game.

Overall, even though Orbital Bullet is still in early access, it already feels like a finished product. If you enjoy roguelite games and action platformers then go ahead and add Orbital Bullet to your library! Orbital Bullet is coming out of Early Access on the 21st of March, Purchase it HERE.

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