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My Destiny Review: Slower Bear Simulator

My Destiny is a game in which you play as a young polar bear cub that follows the guidance of spirit animals while being pursued by hunters in the arctic lands. This game is made by a small group of developers who have obviously put a lot of effort into making this project. However it does not mean that it is free from criticism and I’m not going to hold back for the sake of making them know what needs to get fixed. Mind you that I did not complete the game for the reasons I will soon explain but I’d rather do the positives first.


I like the idea of playing a lone polar bear cub exploring the cold and barren lands. I especially love the implementation of the spirit animals since I always thought that they were cool and My Destiny does them sweet justice. Also the introduction of hunters adds to the suspense of your journeying even if they’re only in the cutscenes as far as I know. We even get a glimpse of a family of polar bears so who knows what happened to have cause our cub to be alone.


The graphics are pretty decent as you can tell from the models of the cub and animals that they aren’t too shabby. The real winner though is the environment because it is very gorgeous in the beginning levels. The starry night intertwining with the aurora lights while the glacial lands reflect the stars in their shine. Just wow.

The music is great in setting the mood for the player. The chill piano playing in the background as you continue to explore this beautiful world. The encroaching drums that play whenever the hunters are on screen. Although there are sounds effects that leave a lot to be described such as ice cube door opening puzzle that scraps the ear drums.


*Gameplay is essentially a walking simulator that involves mainly collecting spirit orbs, some platforming, and a few puzzles. It may not sound bad but in the beginning, the map is HUGE. So when you are collecting orbs, it is quite easy to miss one so backtracking will be involved. The problem is that the game doesn’t really indicate where the remaining orbs are other than them just shining. This by itself is not inherently bad but it is compounded heavily by the following reasons.

*Movement is just incredibly clunky. The way it works is that the cub will walk forward before turning in the direction that you want it to go. This means that instead of turning in place, if you want to go backwards the cub will go forward in a circle in order to turn around. Is it realistic? Probably yes. Is it fun to move around? Absolutely not. This is not mentioning the fact that the cub moves INCREDIBLY SLOW in maps that can be very big so if you want to go back, good luck maneuvering and going at a snail’s pace.

*Platforming is abundant in My Destiny and is just not good when the aforementioned movement is not precise. This leads to situations in which you might accidentally walk off the edge because the cub decided to make a full on U-turn.

*Bugs can be jarring and especially game-breaking. This was the last straw that led me to not continue playing the game because it legitimately broke on me. In the second level with the ice cube, after inputting the symbol combination to raise the platforms, the floating spirit orb near the waterfalls just magically disappeared. This meant that I could not afford to interact with the last hunting spear to pass the level.


My Destiny is a beautiful game with a cool premise of playing as a polar bear cub guided by spirit animals. Unfortunately as a game, it severely falls flat with its movement and bugs that I cannot recommend this game. I became agitated as I kept playing due to the problems I mentioned before that created a frustrating experience. I hope the developers gain insight from this review and improve upon this game.

You can purchase My Destiny on the Steam store page HERE if you want to try it out for yourself.

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