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Winter With You Review: A Taste of Holiday Romance

Let’s get this out of the way: Winter With You is not a game in any sense of the word. For those of you who might be new or unfamiliar with the Visual Novel genre, this is (as advertised) a kinetic VN. That means there’s no interaction beyond clicking the mouse or tapping the enter key to advance text. As such, this is going to be reviewed much more like a book than a game moving forward.

The story follows Naoki, a guy who thinks he just caught his girlfriend cheating on him around Christmas, and his seemingly chance encounter with Yume, a bubbly blonde. The story itself was written in Russian (or some other Cyrillic language, apologies if I’m wrong – I have very little knowledge on them) and translated to English. I’m inclined to say that this wasn’t a machine translation – it’s very good, but there’s a handful of spelling or syntax errors. They were nothing that I’d call problematic; I had no issues understanding what was going on, or the intention of the speaker, but they were noticeable. The backgrounds are very detailed, and the CG’s are lovely. There’s a noticeable step down on the character art in non-CG instances, but it’s at least at the standard of an average VN at all times, and generally a touch higher. The voice work is solid, as is the soundtrack, and definitely a cut above the standard quality of the majority of indie VN’s.

It touches on themes of commitment and growing up, and is very well-done, but again, this is a kinetic novel, so there’s no choices to be made, even cosmetic ones. You spend a lot of dramatic time with your girlfriend, and a lot of lighthearted time with the other girl. All of this feels like perhaps it could have worked as a very basic (and more traditional) visual novel, and left me feeling more curious about what it could have been, rather than what it was. I enjoyed the story itself, but it did end a bit abruptly, though really..if the worst thing to be said was “I wish there was more of it,”…that’s not really a condemnation, is it?

If you like the kinetic style of VN, this is definitely worth your time.

To purchase Winter With You, click here.

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