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Mr Bean arrives in Cyberpunk 2077, thanks to the person who put Austin Powers in Mass Effect


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The person who edited Austin Powers into Mass Effect, to the delightful and horror of all, has now spliced up another storm. Their latest video melds Mr Bean clips with scenes from Cyberpunk 2077 and goodness me, he seems thrilled to enter a dystopian megacity. You might fear Night City will eat the rubber-faced fool alive, but maybe he’s the only one of us who could survive it. Come watch!

That’s the latest work from “eli_handle_b․wav“, who has also smooshed American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman into Fallout 4, Breaking Bad’s Walter White into Half-Life 2, and more.

One argument is that Mr Bean would be mugged and murdered within five minutes of arriving in Night City, the eternal clueless tourist who would happily comply with the local Wallet Inspector. I see why you might say that, but I would point out to you that Mr Bean is a chaos god. From time to time, he accidentally bumbles into our world and proceeds to cause trouble through his childish nature—playful, curious, and deeply selfish—with the ultimate goal of treating himself and maybe, just maybe, kissing a pretty girl. But Bean is a petty and vindictive god whose presence brings harm to others. Any boostergang who tried to rob him would, to their great surprise, find themselves accidentally stabbing and shooting each other when Bean bends down to tie his shoe or pick up something shiny. You know this it true. You know the camera always cuts away to end the episode before he turns his latest victim inside-out and rummages through their intestines with the glee and satisfaction of a child opening their stocking on Christmas morning.

In terms of people actually adding things to the game(while we wait for CD Projekt Red to release the next major update), I’ve been enjoying the mod which adds trains to ride around Night City.

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