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Steam celebrates its 20th anniversary in the only way it knows how: with a sale


And a trip down memory lane

An illustration of characters from Valve games celebrating Steam's 20th anniversary.
Image credit: Valve

Today marks 20 years since the release of Steam. Valve have now posted their own reminiscence about the history of their digital distribution platform over on the Steam site.

And in typical Steam fashion, it’s also a sale.

The 20th anniversary page runs down the last twenty years of the platform, briefly noting the major changes that year – and some of the wider pop cultural trends of the moment.

“The year is 2003. MySpace launches, Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes the governor of California, and ‘In Da Club’ is the number one song. Also entering da club that year? Steam, on September 12, 2003,” it begins.

For each of the last 20 years, they also note the top selling games from that particular year, a handful of which are on sale as part of the celebration. That includes all of Valve’s own games being reduced by 90%.

There are also some free, themed animated stickers for your Steam profile, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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