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Dark Crypt Review

Dark Crpyt is a turn-based puzzler that draws comparisons to games like Lara Craft GO and Hitman GO. You make your way through a level without any enemies detecting you. The monsters and the environment around you, moves at each step you make.

The story of Dark Crypt is very simple and straightforward. You are a priest who hopes to reach the bottom of the crypt to seal an ancient evil that is sleeping deep inside. In order to do so, you have to manage through all levels by sneaking through enemies and avoiding all traps that are laid out.

There are 60 levels to go through in this game. The difficulty is fair and if by any chance that a level is too hard, you are free to skip it. The game doesn’t have any limits when it comes to backtracking. You can take your time solving the puzzle without any pressure. A variety of monsters can be found in this game, and each has their own unique way of detecting you; from simple skeletons that only turns left/right or up/down up to complex monsters that moves in a pattern. Other than these monsters, there are also environmental hazards to keep an eye on. The main focus of this game is the ability to teleport to a position that you saved. This teleportation will help you trick the positioning of the monsters to get through the levels.

This is a very fun puzzle game, specially at its price point. You will surely get your money’s worth with the number of features and replayability of it. If you are unsure, feel free to try their demo to test it yourself.

I'm just a casual gamer nowadays, but I still can get competitive at times. I like discovering new games and will try to support them through reviews whenever I can.

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