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6Souls Review

6Souls is an action platformer with puzzle elements. I was surprised by this title, as it looks and plays much better than Steam’s screenshots first lead me to believe. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of game I would be playing while I paced through the tutorial, as its mechanics are reminiscent of several different games. My fears were unfounded though, and as the first levels became available I put my skill to the test.

Let me start off by saying the pixel art looks great. Trees sway in the wind, clouds drift by and everything feels alive. The music is also very pleasant. Although it was a bit long, the tutorial teaches all the controls in a slow suitable fashion.

The levels in this game are fairly short and to the point. Your objective is to solve the area and move on to the next. Overcome obstacles, find the exit key, cheat death and move on. As you progress, each level gets progressively harder. The progression is smooth, and I felt accomplished after each room clear.

At the end of each series of rooms awaits a boss, and they’re tough. Tough but fair, as I was able to clear these baddies after learning their mechanics and telegraphed attacks. All in all, its a game that lays a path and makes you feel good once you’ve cleared it. You can go back and re-attempt cleared areas, but I didn’t see much reason to retread any old areas.

Enemies can be engaged in actual combat, which it what I feel sets this game apart from its peers. You are constantly being thrust from puzzle mode into adventure combat which makes the rooms feel fresh and interesting.

With 6Souls’ small single room objectives, this game is easy to play in short sessions. My only frustration was as the game progresses, rooms get larger. And it can be frustrating to die right at the end of a room only to have to clear it again to reattempt the part you failed at. I found myself quitting once or twice, only to come back later and sweep through the area with a clear mind.

6Souls can be difficult, but it makes the journey an enjoyable one and I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who is interested in platforming or puzzle games.

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