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Idle Hamburgers Save the World Review: More like Cookie Cutter

Idle Hamburgers Save the World is an idle clicker game that is inspired by the popular Cookie Clicker except this game has hamburgers. I want to start off by saying that this game isn’t necessarily bad. For a clicker game, it hits all the bare requirements which makes it almost average but really lackluster in comparison to other games of its nature.


You can use your goal on these upgrades to the left and right of the screen.

The gameplay is simple: you repeatedly click on the giant burger in the middle of the screen.
This will earn you gold which can be used for buying upgrades.

There are primarily three shops:
1. Buying Burgers to raise the price thus getting more gold per click
2. Buying workers to increase production/auto-clicking
3. Buying upgrades to your clicker such as getting more burgers per click

The goal of the game seems to basically increase your production so that it can reach 100% of the population. There seems to be nothing else other than getting easy achievements.

Simply put, Idle Hamburgers Save the World is the barebone version of a clicker game that lacks so much “meat” in a game.


So life-like and yet so flavorless.

The art is extremely generic and lacks flavor ironically.

I should mention that the game has literally no sound in it. No music, no sound effects. It is void of all sound which just makes the game even more “dead”.

The burgers are literal JPEG images of real life burgers. I get that drawing appetizing and recognizable burgers is tough but this does not make the game stand out visually.

The blandness is reinforced further by the icons of the workers and perks. In my honest opinion, it feels like they took images from clip art to put into the game. These workers contrast heavily from the realism of the burgers, yet both give off such uninteresting vibes.

I will give an honorable mention to how the game literally starts up with the options menu in your face. There is no introductory fanfare to the game. Again, there is a lack of finesse and flavor. I should mention that the game really likes to play in windowed mode and does not have an option to be full-screen.


For the hungry costumer!

In all honesty, the gameplay is basic but plays okay. HOWEVER, Idle Hamburgers Save the World is just way too much of a “cookie-cutter” game rather than the Cookie Clicker game it aspires to replicate. In fact, both games are priced at $4.99 as of the time I’m writing this review. It is clear that if you have the urge to play an idle clicker, you shouldn’t choose Idle Hamburgers Save the World. You might as well get Cookie Clicker instead for more bang for your buck.

If you REALLY want to try the game out for yourself, you can get it on the Steam store page HERE!

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