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DeadPoly Early Access Review

DeadPoly is an open world, zombie-infested survival sandbox that heavily revolves around exploration and looting. You spawn into the world armed with nothing but a trusty frying pan, with the goal of finding anything that will increase your odds of survival. You’ll be clearing buildings, rummaging through containers, dead bodies and killing zombies along the way, to find better armour, weapons and crafting resources.There are however, a few questionable mechanics and content that simply don’t make sense to me and I’ll explain later in the review.

DeadPoly encourages you to optimally manage your loot, as space and weight is limited, so you’ll want to focus on finding a backpack before you start your inner loot hoarding adventures. As all standard survival games go, there’s a gradual progression where you can start gathering wood, stone and metal to craft a crossbow and bolts, the crafting options are currently basic but it’ll get you far before you start finding proper guns and ammo. Along with killing zombies, you’ll also need to keep yourself fed and hydrated. Walking around the streets, going from building to building is truly satisfying and battling against zombies feels balanced. They’ve also incorporated base-building, with furniture and objects you find in the world to decorate with. With a focus on making your base feel homey rather than a defensive structure.

Now onto the things that don’t really make sense to me.The traders/vendors operate quite weirdly, where they only accept certain goods, for example: the medical vendor only accepts medical goods, the general store vendor only accepts one specific type of food that seems rather hard to come by. The game has successfully created a rewarding system in terms of looting but a lot of the things that you’re looting cannot be sold and as a result, items hold little to no true value unless it’s one of the items that are actually sellable.

Ranged weapons are also locked behind their specific ammo type and magazine. So you need to have the gun and its corresponding magazine/ammo to use it. While I appreciate the detail, I personally found it to be a minor annoyance and would’ve preferred it if I could just collect the ammo. Because it doesn’t really make sense for a gun to be on the floor waiting to be looted, but doesn’t have a magazine already clipped inside.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing DeadPoly, mowing down zombies, exploring the world and keeping myself fed, satiated and alive.The game is in Early Access and while it’s clear that there’s details that need to be polished, the game is moving in a good direction and most of the basic features are there to keep you occupied and having fun. With a little more time and work, I can see a lot of potential for it to become a zombie apocalypse simulator that everybody can play.

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