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Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? Review

Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus is a full motion video game from Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media and right away this game had my attention just based on the fact that you have Office star Andy Buckley involved.

You’ll be playing and making choices more from the perspective of a young girl named Abby who is really the only one in her family that has any sort of respect for uncle Marcus, the game plays out like a murder mystery of sorts and uncle Marcus has been poisoned presumably by a family member at a get-together recently, now you’re going to need to be a little bit of an undercover agent as you try to figure out just who did this over a yearly birthday quiz game that takes place online for your mother.

Gameplay is really just a lot of watching and listening and occasionally making some selections, you’ll be given a few choices here or there depending on who you’re having conversations with and this can lead you down different paths, you’ll also have a timer so you’ll have to make these decisions rather quickly, though this can be adjusted especially if you’re streaming the game online so that audiences can play along with you. Making the correct choices is really important because at the end of the game you’ll either be able to accuse someone as you have enough evidence or you won’t have enough evidence and you can’t accuse anyone at all and you can’t save uncle Marcus without figuring out a few things either.

A single playthrough will only take you about an hour but any of the evidence that you’ve collected will carry over so multiple playthroughs are going to be encouraged here, especially if you want to see everything that the game has to offer. To me, the strongest aspect of this game was the cast, they’re all really great and the way that the family interacts with each other is constantly entertaining, this cast had me laughing quite a bit at different moments throughout i particularly liked auntie June who just sits around and drinks glass of wine after a glass of wine and spouts out whatever she really feels like saying, whatever’s on her mind. Lottie is more of a pop star who very clearly seems to be inspired by Billy Eilish, I was also pretty amused by some of her interactions and then uncle Marcus you just don’t really know whether to trust him or not and that keeps the game really compelling throughout so I love the story i love the different choices that you make it was constantly entertaining well written and well acted this is also shot very professionally, all of the footage is very high quality and high definition although that is actually one of my flaws with this game, you have a few characters that are supposed to be on not so great internet connections, it would have been nice if that was shown, but everyone is broadcast in the same high definition so you don’t get the illusion of them being far away or on these bad connections.

Overall, I really got a kick out of this game, i’m kind of regretting that i played it alone but at the same time it’s a game that you can play more than once and I look forward to doing it in more of a group setting whether that be online or here locally. I got a lot of laughs out of this one, i think it’s really well acted and a well made product like a full motion video game is suppose to be, it’s not about the gameplay so much as it is about the experience of watching and having fun and this game does that successfully and I highly recommend it.

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