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Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage Review

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Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage is a standalone multiplayer experience which can either be purchased on Steam or you will get it for free if you preorder Destroy All Humans! 2.

In this standalone DLC, you will have access to 4 game modes and 6 maps which can either be played in 4 player online or 2 player split screen, single player mode is not an option the 4 game modes available are rampage where you’re tasked to destroy as many of the designated targets as possible, armageddon where you obliterate everything, abduction where you throw NPCs into a beam of light I guess to abduct them and finally race, where you race on any of the 6 maps. Rampage and abduction can be played in co-op all other modes are PVP only, when playing any of the modes you can host your own lobby for online play or join an existing lobby, I found that during my experience not many lobbies were available for me to join and it was hard to get a game started, though you can host a private match or play locally with a mate. When it comes to the actual gameplay, I can say that it is fun but the major downside to the gameplay is the sense of progression, there is no rewards for winning and it seems that there’s absolutely no unlockables, all the cosmetics are already unlocked so even though the gameplay itself is enjoyable, everything gets old real fast.

I understand that THQ Nordic is trying to build hype around Destroy All Humans! 2 but for the current asking price of $12.99, I think the game just lacks progression and content, if you were preordering Destroy All Humans! 2 and you got this game for free then you will have a short but enjoyable experience, especially with a buddy. However, if you were planning to purchase this then I cannot recommend this at the current price. Maybe wait for a deep sale or better yet, just wait for the sequel which should be out on 31st of August.

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