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Foxhole's massive Naval Warfare update is out now, adding gunboats and subs to its persistent battlefield


Foxhole is a vast multiplayer game where players can be either frontline troops or support staff managing supplies and logistics. Today, it receives a significant free update called Naval Warfare. As the name suggests, this update introduces naval battles to the game, featuring gunboats, destroyers, and beach landings.

Here’s the launch trailer:

The Foxhole Naval Warfare update launch trailer.

In this update, players take charge of every aspect of operating their ships. This includes maintaining engines, sonar, and navigation systems, handling ammunition, operating the guns, and outmaneuvering adversaries. During battles, crews can aim at specific parts of enemy vessels. Hitting these targets can flood compartments, forcing enemy players to leave their stations and bail out water to stay afloat.

Submarines are also introduced, capable of ambushing ship convoys if they go undetected. And, in keeping with its World War 2 setting, there are amphibious landing crafts for beach assaults.

I’ve briefly tried Foxhole and it seems like the sort of game that could turn into a major pastime, similar to EVE Online or Arma 3. Currently, I don’t have room for another hobby in my life, but I’m always pleased to hear about Foxhole’s ongoing existence and development.

Foxhole is currently 33% off on Steam. Or you could always wait and get in on the muddy ground floor for the same developer’s take on medieval warfare, Anvil Empires.

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