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The Finals open beta is live now with a new map and mode to destroy

The open beta for the destructible, competitive shooter game, The Finals, is now accessible to all. This beta, available until November 5th, offers three maps, a new gameplay mode, and sixteen rewards that players can unlock and carry over to the full game upon its release.

Check out the open beta trailer:

The Finals open beta launch trailer.

Included in the beta are the Monaco and Seoul maps, along with a new one called Skyway Stadium, which wasn’t in previous closed betas. A key feature of The Finals is its fully destructible environments, allowing players to break through walls and ceilings to create new paths or even demolish entire buildings to take down opponents inside.

A fresh mode, Bank-It, also debuts in this beta. Described as “casual-friendly” and combat-centric, it has four teams of three players each competing for coins, reminiscent of a more intense version of a playground game. This mode contrasts with previous ones focused on hacking and transporting cash boxes.

At first glance, some multiplayer shooters seem destined to fail, but The Finals doesn’t give off that vibe. Its destructible environments are a compelling aspect, but other features like the glob-gun for creating pathways, a grappling hook for rooftop access, and solid shooting mechanics (based on my experience earlier this year) also stand out.

If you want to give it a try, you can head to its Steam store page and join the beta.

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